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TOMOKO Wireless Mouse

For a number of years I had this really bad old TV, and when I say old, I mean it wasn’t a flat screen. And even though I watched the TV all the time, I figured well it’s doing the job, and it will cost so much to replace, I’ll just keep this one”. So I kept the old TV for years. Until finally a friend convinced me to look at replacements, and I saw how much it would cost (less than I expected). Then when I finally got a great Samsung 65″ TV, I realized how much better this TV was, and wished I had gotten it sooner. More recently I had the same experience with the TOMOKO Wireless Mouse. I had been using the same mouse that came with my docking station for almost 2 years. It was functional as a mouse, but it wasn’t great. It was time for a newer and better mouse. After using the TOMOKO, and getting it for such a low price, I wondered why didn’t I order this sooner.

TOMOKO Wireless Mouse

tomoko wireless mouseEven though the wireless mouse I had before was not that great. I decided I would go the wireless route, it was just easier to use, and I could take it with me when I travel for work. I wanted something good for less than $20. I was impressed with the Amazon ratings for the TOMOKO Wireless Mouse, and the price was great. I ordered the new mouse from Amazon and had the box in my hands 3 days later.

TOMOKO Wireless Mouse Features:

  • 2.4G Wireless Transmission:  A more secure and precise experience than the traditional FM radio system with an increased working distance of up to 15 meters.
  • Adjustable DPI Switch: 5 DPI settings ( 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400 ) to change the speed of mouse freely.
  • Long Battery Life and Auto Energy-saving Sleeping Mode: The mouse can run for up to 15 months on a single double-A battery.
  • Feel-good design: Contoured shape and textured rubber grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours
  • USB Nano Receiver can be stored in the back slot of the mouse for easy travel.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Packaging & Instructions

tomoko wireless mouseThe packaging is pretty basic, just a plain brown box. The mouse is inside, wrapped in bubble wrap. The instruction manual is also inside. You may not want to give this as a gift. But the packaging is functional and gets the job done.

The instructions are also pretty sparse. The basic setup and use is covered in the manual. But the writing is not the best, and obviously by a non-English writer.


Setting up the TOMOKO Wireless Mouse was pretty easy. I’m not really sure it could be any easier. The USB Nano Receiver is stored in the bottom of the mouse and easily slides out. Right next to it is the battery compartment. I opened the compartment and added a single AA battery. I unplugged my old USB mouse. I then plugged in the USB Nano Receiver. It took about 30 seconds for Windows 7 to install the driver. When it completed, I clicked the mouse button and the cursor was moving.


tomoko wireless mouseUsing the TOMOKO Wireless Mouse is pretty nice. The mouse feels good in your hand. It feels very solid and a good weight. The buttons and scroll wheel feel very good. I like the way the mouse slides across my desk. There are 2 buttons on the left side of the mouse that you can control with your thumb. These buttons function as forward and backward buttons in web browsers. Once I got used to having those buttons, I wondered how I ever got along without them.

The button behind the scroll button is the CPI selector. CPI or DPI is a measurement of how fast the cursor moves when the mouse is moved. Another way to think of this is the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the CPI, the faster the cursor moves with movement. The TOMOKO Wireless Mouse has 5 different CPI settings. Pressing the CPI button cycles through the settings and a red LED indicates which setting is active.

  • If the red indicator light flashes once, the CPI is 800
  • If the red indicator light flashes twice, its CPI is 1200
  • If the red indicator light flashes three times, its CPI is 1600
  • If the red indicator light flashes four times, its CPI is 2000
  • If the red indicator light flashes five times, its CPI is 2400

The power saving function kicks in after about 10 minutes, but all you have to do is click one of the buttons and its working again. All in all, I’m very happy with how this mouse works.

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A Great Value Professional Mouse

The TOMOKO Wireless Mouse is great value mouse for mobile and stationary professionals. It feels good in your hand and moves nicely. Setup is simple and easy.

  • Great Value
  • Easy Setup
  • The mouse moves nicely
  • May feel small for some
  • Instructions are minimal
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