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If you are a designer or build WordPress sites, you might spend a lot of time waiting for clients to get assets or images for you. You may need images of different size to place in different places on your design. What do you usually do? Search Pexels or Pixabay for a suitable image and then adjust width and height? Those are good tools, but there’s a better way. LoremPixel is a free image generator. Smartly named after Lorem Ipsum the text filler originally used by publishers and typesetters. LoremPixel tries to do the same for image place holders. It will general random placeholder images for any size and with images across various categories.

Using A Free Image Generator

With LoremPixel you can quickly grab images of any size, across 11 different categories. For example, if you need an image of 600 by 250 pixels. All you have to do is just use http://lorempixel.com/600/250 in your html image tag. That means if you use an Image tag like this <img src=”http://lorempixel.com/600/250″>, you will get this:
Free Image Generator

This is image is generated in random basis. That means if you refresh this page you will see another image of same size. You don’t have to give any width or height tags inside the image tag.

There are many images available on LoremPixels across several different categories. So if you want to use an image of specific category such as nature or fashion that is also possible. Just append category name at the end of url. For example, if you are building a website for a business consulting agency, you need business looking photos to fill your pages. So you need a WordPress Feature Image of 1200 by 600 pixels from the business category, then you just have to use this URL: http://lorempixel.com/1200/600/business. This is what you will get in result.
Free Image Generator

You can get images in black & white color also. For that you can use http://lorempixel.com/g/600/250. Here we have added one more parameter to our url that is ‘g‘. This g means gray. You will get black and white images using that URL like this.

And you can generate images with some text on it. Lorempixel enables this feature by just adding your text after the category name. For example if you want to add a text “Hello World” to an image from the technical category and size of 520 by 200 pixels. Then just use http://lorempixel.com/520/200/technics/Hello World. This what you get
Free Image Generator


Here’s the full list of LoremPixel syntaxes.

There are some more features also available for designers on lorempixel.com. It makes configuring a lot faster, without having to wait for image assets to be turned over. Go to lorempixel.com and check out this awesome free image generator now!!

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