5 Ways SharePoint Improves Teamwork

Teams that have adopted SharePoint and SSRS have learned how this platform enables better teaming and decision making. The following 5 examples show how SharePoint has improved teamwork.

1.       SharePoint Enables Collaboration – In today’s world it is undeniable that collaboration is key to success.  More often than not, teams, offices and companies are working together across state and country borders. SharePoint provides a centralized location to access and share information, data, documents and reports that would otherwise be stored locally and sent out via e-mail on a sporadic basis.


2.       SSRS Reporting provides more time for Insightful Analysis – It is common for output to be calculated in Excel and then reported out in PowerPoint.  Whenever there is a data refresh, valuable time is spent refreshing the Excel data, re-formatting charts/graphs and updating PowerPoint decks.  SQL reporting eliminates copying/pasting and formatting. The hours that were once spent on these activities can now be spent analyzing the data, interpreting output, driving insights and answering questions.


3.       Real time data provides confidence that decisions are being made on the latest information – SharePoint provides one source of truth for information and data.  Data updates no longer need to be consolidated and processed through the owner of an Excel model or Access database but can be entered directly into SharePoint from the source itself.  All reports are real time and reflect new or updated data as soon as it is provided.  Because reports are consistently available, there is no need to rely on a stale report from the last monthly distribution to make critical decisions about your business.


4.       Collaboration Issues are Removed – SharePoint has sophisticated version control baked into it that resolves collaboration friction. Not only can you can see when a record was last modified and by who, but you also have the ability to view the entire history of that record from its creation. Any data dispute can easily be settled by consulting the record’s history.  Additionally, SSRS Report Subscriptions allow you to save reports to a document library on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis so that you can compare outputs from different time periods quickly and effectively.


5.       SharePoint Document Libraries eliminate the need to pass around files – Teammates can access and update data without relying on passing the latest version of a file around.  When people make updates right in the site we no longer run into instances where a teammate forgets to send on a file and then is out of pocket and not contactable; teams are no longer forced to delay a deliverable or redo work that has already been completed.  Passing around files via email is also a catalyst for version control issues – two files might have subsets of data that are incorrect.

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